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Welcome to the section presenting associations open to new owners. Here you can read about the associations which are on their way towards inauguration, and if any available, this is also the location on our site where we post associations up for resale and where all properties are in use.

In the U.S.A., we do not currently have any resales available.


Large, price per vacation property share $550,000 - learn the details here

Grande, price per vacation property share $950,000 - learn the details here


How do we join a 21-5 association?

There are two ways to join a 21-5 association:

1) To join an association from the very beginning

When we open a new 21-5 association we prepare a "brief" which is a brochure describing the association. In the brief you can read the full presentation about the association and which properties you can expect to become owners of. At this point, we have not acquired any properties, but we might already have some scouted out.

You can also learn more about our open associations through our Orientation Events which we offer regularly. Sometimes we host them at a location near you, and other times via video conferencing. Signing up is necessary. We love to meet people, and we are always happy to meet one-on-one for a noncommittal coffee meeting, where all of the questions you might have are addressed in detail. 

Following a coffee meeting with us, and if you have decided to join 21-5, we will mail you the contract documents. You can take all the time you need to study them, and perhaps consult with your professional advisors. Once signed and returned to 21-5, and our receipt confirmed, you now have a secured seat at the inaugural meeting of the association.

The inaugural meeting is prepared as we have 21 new owners like you, who have signed the contract documents. Only after the inaugural event, is when the equity sum is paid to the association's fiduciary account, and when the hunt for the 5 properties really starts. It is also only then that you are legally bound to the association contract.

Our goal is that all 5 properties are in use in approximately 12-24 months from the inauguration of the association. 

On the top of this page you can see which association we are currently offering.

2) Buying a 21-5 resale of an already existing association where all the properties are in use by the owners.

A share in an established association with properties will typically be more expensive compared to new association under development, as many families are inclined to chose an association in operation.

There are mainly two reasons:

1) You see the actual properties which you can own, contrary to an association in the inaugural process where that is not possible as the homes first need to be identified and renovated.

2) You can book vacations and travel immediately after you have fully joined the association.

No matter which type of association you are interested in, we always welcome your call to have a conversation of options currently available and in the future.

Contact 21-5 and we will help you fulfill your vacation home dreams.


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