Cape Cod

Imagine vacation time with the family where the focus is on quality together-time and enjoying nature and the many experiences it brings. Perhaps, a time where tablets, phones, and emails stay inside while you build precious memories together outside. Then the Cape is for you. Indulge in the idyllic scenery and the raw elements of ocean and fresh air, away from your primary environment. Here you can distance yourself from the day-to-today stress and completely rejuvenate in beautiful surroundings.

The property in Cape Cod will be a beautiful home engulfed at the heart of everything this beautiful region has to offer. Direct access to nature and a home here, which you will feel irresistibly inspired to visit again and again, is what we will be looking for. The Cape is known for its unparalleled beauty, coastline, endless leisure time opportunities, and convenient proximity to the Greater Boston area. Therefore, a sought-after destination for many. This location is one of the most beautiful and idyllic sceneries in the North East US, and it is precisely here the Association acquires its property.

Cape Cod has long been known for its local seafood, and it will be hard to find a restaurant anywhere in the region without seafood on the menu. Fried fish, especially fried clams, are considered the ultimate Cape Cod meal. Another favorite is lobster, broiled with butter sauce. All people, from presidents, celebrities, to families who enjoy the laid-back maritime atmosphere of beach life are attracted to The Cape and its islands. Why not own a beautiful getaway place right there? Retreat with the closest family or dear friends and continue building lifelong memories.

Excursion opportunities are plentiful. For instance, go ocean fishing, or whale watching in the high season from April through October. A picnic to the northern tip of Cape Cod and a visit to colorful Provincetown is a lot of fun if you need a break from the miles and miles of gorgeous beaches surrounded by dunes.

You also have access to the islands, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Daily year-round ferry connections are available from Woods Hole or Hyannis. With a second to none vacation home located in the center of it all, you can take in and explore the entire region at your own pace. You know you will be coming back again and again, so there is no haste.

We cannot wait to find and create that diamond property in this extraordinary landscape of the United States, enabling you to enjoy Cape Cod and the Islands to its fullest.

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