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It is a serious responsibility to identify and create the 5 dream vacation homes for the owners in our associations. Fortunately, we are passionate about single home vacation real estate, and crave the satisfaction of the feeling which arises when we have identified the perfect property for our owners. It is a thrilling and an almost zen-like experience, although we can never rest on our laurels. Once identified, we must effectively ensure that we close the acquisition to be able to add it to the association's stable of unique homes.

The vast majority of times we do end up securing the homes we decide to buy, but of course it does occur that we cannot close. Perhaps the seller wants too much for the property, and other times we discover that something is fundamentally wrong with the home, the surroundings, available permits, or the lot on which it is placed. We diligently examine every conceivable aspect we can think of prior to buying any property, and do work with local advisors, in our efforts to minimize the risk of any unpleasant surprises after having procured a home.


Expert property acquisition team


Our expert property acquisition team is responsible for identifying all the properties of all of our associations. This team is, together with our construction team, also at the forefront leading the entire way during the renovation projects - from acquisition to the final touch.

This team, lead by CEO and co-founder, Laila Koej, has spearheaded the acquisition team since the beginning. The team represents exceptional experience identifying the right vacation homes internationally, with well over 125 unique individual homes so far, which are loved by their owners.

Each time we buy a property on behalf of one association, we have, on average, seen a minimum of 25 different properties. Over the years, we have seen an incredible amount of potential homes in the regions where we buy. The insights and vast experience gained is of tremendous value to our families. We are working tirelessly to maintain and form trusted local realtor partnerships who, in turn, regularly inform us of attractive acquisition opportunities.

Over the years, we have learned that by identifying homes that need renovation, we can create the best results for our 21-5 owners. During our existence, it is through this process that we have proven delivery of great value to our families. It takes sophisticated skill and extensive experience to deliver on the 21-5 promise of creating 5 individual and unique vacation homes to each of our families.

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