Initially when we started out, we knew that we would be doing some restoration work after taking over properties, to bring them to the superior level we wanted. Today, practically each 21-5 home project is an immersive exciting total restoration and improvement process, and for several good reasons.

First of all, we have found that it is almost impossible to find properties which fulfill our demands to interior design, concerning choice of materials, color scheme, and functionality. We are very picky, and a property presentation can be deceivingly attractive on photo shoots, when in reality it is often very different.

Second, when we from time to time experience properties which with just a few adjustments could become 21-5 homes, they are often too costly and therefore beyond our economic reach.

Third, we primarily look for the "diamond in the rough," which we can completely transform to beautiful dream homes. This way we are creating the perfect basis for the best and unforgettable vacation experiences for many years to come.


The buidling and construction team

Our highly skilled and experienced building team have the competencies and capabilities needed to manage total long distance restoration projects. All the details related to a project is meticulously managed from our offices while the actual work must take place on the destinations. No easy feat!

We continuously have up to 20 building sites ongoing in different long distance locations. Fortunately, we thrive with bringing order in the myriad of details and complexities.

The building team regularly visits each building project locally to make sure that both time tables and the quality of the work are in alignment with what has been planned and agreed upon. Several of our construction team members are constantly traveling.

To successfully manage long distance vacation home restorations and taking them over the finish line in time either demands a lot of good luck or the right competencies. We do not leave anything to good fortune. Instead, we rely on our wonderful and hardworking people, enjoying the team work and second to none delivery every time.

Original details

We care about the details!

In fact, we care about them a lot, and there is no greater satisfaction to discover particular original property details. Either by restoring them or when we uncover details we had not seen at first, but which surface during the rigorous restoration work.

We strive to revive the unique and original details on the properties. From time to time such uniqueness can have faded, but with just a little extra thoughtful effort, a home can be brought back to its original expression, if it makes sense.

In the fall of 2019, a local mayor of a Tuscan village came to visit one of the just completed 21-5 properties in his district. He came to thank us for not only preserving the Tuscan cultural heritage, but also for restoring it where it had been lost. It was a proud and very important moment for us, as it confirms that it is not only us and our 21-5 owners who think what we create is wonderful, but also the local communities.

There is a lot of positive energy around a well rounded and executed 21-5 building project. Energy that our owner families enjoy and absorb to its fullest every time they visit a given 21-5 home on a great destination.


In 2019 we surpassed 100 properties in operation in the 21-5 associations

Functional homes

A 21-5 property must be inviting and visually beautiful, but at the same time a practical and convenient home to stay in. When beauty and functionality are combined in just the right doses, the dream home is uncovered.

If at all possible we make sure that there is a separate bathroom matching each bedroom in the property. It is not always the case that the home was planned this way, but in our experience, the dynamics for the best vacation home are achieved when everybody has their own bathroom.

We never do "walk-through" bedrooms in a 21-5 vacation home. Once you decide to draw back for a well deserved rest in your bedroom, you should not be inconveniently disturbed in your beauty sleep.

Similarly, there are a multitude of aspects which come together in a 21-5 home, and make them vacation homes you come to call your own and love to stay in. Functionality is just one of the important aspects as you will discover.

Local construction teams and craftsmen


We work with and engage with locally based craftsmen and entrepreneurial team locally in all of our restoration projects. From time to time, we can send specialists originating from our offices, but that only happens in extraordinary cases. There are other significant challenges with such an arrangement compared to good local teams.

Typically we will have two entrepreneurial team on each destination working for us. On some locations, they complement each other, on others it is just a good practice to have different approaches to keep cost, time tables and quality of the work in check.

21-5 strives to form long-term partnerships with local entrepreneurs and craftsmen. Usually, we build pleasant and loyal relationships which not only make our day-to-day work easier and more amicable, but more importantly, provide a much higher consistency in workmanship and quality. The better relationships we form, the better the work, and at the end of the day, such solid relationships are to the benefit of our owners and associations.

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