West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is easy to get to from anywhere in the North East with multiple daily flights to several nearby international South Florida airports. For a short or a more extended stay, you can reach and enjoy the warmer Florida climate in just a few hours. A pleasant and rejuvenating contrast to the North Eastern weather, especially during the colder months. West Palm Beach is always within convenient reach.

Once you get there, you can go straight to the house, unpack, and kickback enjoying your 21-5 home. 21-5's job is precisely that - identifying and preparing a fantastic home for you. The feeling will be as close as you can possibly get to arriving at a home that is owned solely by you. The property will have a pool and perfectly trimmed exterior areas. Barbecue anyone?

Staying in the home, inside or outside, we will create a property with your ultimate comfort in mind. Year-round your house is there for you, your family and friends to enjoy.

The location will be in the middle of it all. Conveniently close to several shopping opportunities of all categories and a wealth of restaurant and café choices, there will be plenty of options to fulfill the urge to go out. West Palm Beach is going through a revival during these years where the city is being upgraded to accommodate modern demands of visitors now and in the future. Therefore, for several reasons, buying property at this locations is attractive, and we will go to great lengths to identify the hidden gem which we will transform to the perfect 21-5 home.

Richard Branson's decision to transform the south Florida train ride experience through the new Virgin Trains USA, completely changes the easy access to everything without worrying about traffic.

In an hour's comfortable ride from West Palm Beach train station to Virgin Miami central, you are at the heart of everything Miami has to offer. Similar express access is under construction between West Palm Beach to Orlando, putting all the big Florida theme parks within your convenient reach, even if you do not care to drive. 

Whether you just want to stay local and chill or make longer excursions to the big city, Orlando's theme parks, a trip to the Mexican Gulf beaches, or why not exploration of Key West, West Palm Beach is ideally situated. Not only does this ensure endless vacation possibilities in the future, but it also helps in securing the continued value of your property. As everyone knows, location is critical.

The houses in Florida will always have bathrooms matching the number of bedrooms. We strive to provide an equal number of bathrooms to bedrooms, but sometimes the original format is different from that. Rest assured, that 21-5 never offer "walk-through" bathroom solutions. Each guest in a bedroom must have independent access to a bathroom. An important feature related to your comfort, especially when you are traveling in a larger group.

For your's and our peace of mind, our structures will adhere to the building codes and standards as advised by the authorities. Your property will be prepared to withstand severe weather events and 21-5 has an experienced and a responsive service crew locally at all times year-round.

To get an idea of the look and feel of the vacation homes you can expect, have a look at some of the properties 21-5 has purchased, renovated and furnished in the Homes section, remember to scroll down and click on any association tile - CLICK HERE


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