Kirsten & Harald

"During a dinner in Copenhagen last fall, I met a Danish woman who enthusiastically described how satisfied they were with 21-5. That made us curious enough to visit the website, and gradually we got caught in the 21-5 web.

We've had a lovely apartment in St Raphael for 10 years, but we've become a bit frustrated with dealing with, fixing, managing, and repairing various things from a distance. Having access to high-quality vacation places without practical involvement is tempting.

We've gone through all available material, photos, videos, and have been impressed by the concept, the quality and location of the properties, and we are convinced of an administrative system that works. The concept is clever and well-suited for most types of individuals and families.

With 21 owners and 5 properties, you have access to great vacation places for so many weeks a year that it easily covers the need. Of course, we are curious about how the booking system will work, whether we will be able to utilize the places and get them at the times we want. The impression we have is that it generally 'adds up' to the satisfaction of the vast majority.

So far in the process, we are quite satisfied. We have received regular updates on progress, finances, and group composition. The purchases of houses in Tuscany and Provence seem very promising. We will have the opportunity to test the Tuscany property in August. We hope, of course, that the next three properties will come in reasonably quickly so that everything can get back to normal.

We expect to use several of the properties in the coming years with friends since we have at least three good bedrooms in all units. We also expect that our two sons and their families will become active users of such a fantastic offer. Whether we can use all the weeks every year is uncertain, but having the opportunity, especially for us two with full flexibility as retirees, is a delightful aspect of 21-5.

Our expectations for 21-5 are easy to answer: That the setup functions as described in the prospectus. That the stay at the properties is as well-organized as promised, and the project's finances are as described."

Kirsten & Harald Norvik, Norwegian 21-5 family