We fulfill dreams and create happiness in life

About us

Since the idea for 21-5 was born in 2008, we have been working hard to meet the high expectations of our 21-5 families.

Our goal is to make dreams of wonderful vacations in unique holiday homes come true and to increase the joy of life for our 21-5 families.

Therefore, nothing makes us happier than when our 21-5 families write to us about their experiences in their homes and areas and how co-ownership in the group has positively impacted their lives.

We are very grateful and privileged to work every day on something that brings so much joy and quality of life to our families in all the 21-5 owner associations.

Room for love

What we believe in

What we believe in isn't just something that's written in a manual or on a whiteboard and never put into practice. Every decision we make - for our groups and for ourselves - is based on our values.

We work from our values every day to achieve our goals:

We challenge the status quo
We are personal and have fun
We are enthusiastic and passionate about what we do
We are decent and always take the high road

We achieve our goals by sticking to what we believe in and working only from that. Our values are what we do and are every day.


5 Børsen Gazelle Awards

Our goal is not to be big just for the sake of being big. We want to grow, but our primary goal is that the families in all future 21-5 groups will be just as happy and satisfied as all the families we have in our groups now.

We are very grateful for our 5 Børsen Gazelle Awards and the status of been a Marathon Gazelle. (Recognized award from Denmark's leading business newspaper)

Thanks to all the families in our groups.


Marketing Award of the HBH Foundation

We were very surprised when the HBH Foundation contacted us in the summer of 2019. We were in the running for the 2019 Marketing Award, as the foundation had become aware of our concept and our way of communicating.

We do all our marketing ourselves and write all of our texts ourselves. It was therefore with great humility that we received the award at the award ceremony at Copenhagen Business School.

The award is given in collaboration with Copenhagen Business School, and the reason why 21-5 received the award in 2019 was:

"It is a company that combines the sharing economy, vacation and housing investments that wins this year's marketing award. 21-5 is a Danish company that has made a name for itself in Denmark over the past decade with a concept about vacation homes. 21 families buy 5 holiday homes together, hence the name. The company is doing so well that it is now on its way to Norway, Sweden and Germany and has won the HBH Award 2019, which will be presented at CBS by President Nikolaj Malchow-Møller.

- "21-5 is an excellent example of a company that has embraced one of today's strong trends, the sharing economy, and combined it with deep professional insight to create a new business model that benefits both customers and the company," says Nikolaj Malchow-Møller (Headmaster of Copenhagen Business School).

The award is given to a person, company or organization that has distinguished itself in the marketing of a product or idea through a well thought-out analysis and creative strategy.

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Meet the 21-5 team

21-5 is made up of ultra-passionate people who create the best environment for our 21-5 families every day.