Our team

Passionate team players

When we hired our first employee, we couldn't just put out an ad and recruit like we usually do. We cared too much about our idea. We couldn't dream of putting our newborn baby (21-5) in the arms of someone we didn't know and therefore didn't trust. So we had to recruit from within our friend-zone.

Our first employee was Laila's longtime friend Karina, who was hired in what was then called "The Administration".

Things worked out really well with Karina, who is still with 21-5, but in a slightly different role. We continued to recruit from within, and many of those who joined the team also had good networks that we could tap into to find new talented teammates. We still do that, but now we also get teammates from the outside.

The 21-5 spirit is very special. From the beginning, going to work at 21-5 has been like going out to play with friends. And as long as we're all doing our best at our respective positions, nobody's going to tell us we can't play anymore. So that's what we do. We keep on playing, every day.

Our 21-5 team is made up of ultra-passionate, dedicated and very professional team players who work every day to create the absolute best surroundings for our 21-5 families in our groups.