"We get the weeks we want"


One of the biggest concerns for many potential 21-5 families is, of course, whether they can get the weeks they want.

When you own a one-family holiday home, you can use it when you wish. However, when you share vacation homes with 20 other families, flexibility decreases as the number of families per property increases.

That's why it's very important to have a more flexible and varied calendar year, which an international association provides, so that you can book spontaneous vacations.

When 21 families share 5 vacation homes, each family has access to an average of 12.4 weeks per year in the homes. Experience from over 23,000 bookings, in our existing 21-5 owner associations, over the last 10 years shows that our families book an average of 8.8 weeks, this including lending to friends and family. This leaves plenty of room in the calendar for spontaneous bookings.

Until now, our owner associations have only been "national", meaning that all families in an association have been tied each year to the same national annual vacation calendar, therefore creating a higher demand for the same vacation weeks each year.

This will change significantly with the new international owner association, where there will be greater variation in the most attractive weeks since every country has it’s own unique national vacation calendar.

As a result, the international owner associations will have even more flexibility than the national owner associations that are already established.

More than



Available on average


Weeks for each family

Allocation of the weeks

"We basically get the weeks we want"

Allocation of weeks

"We get the weeks we want"

Our current 21-5 families essentially get the vacations they want. In the new international owner associations, flexibility will increase even more due to the variation in peak seasons across nationalities.

“We can get the weeks we want - or very close to”.

Our booking system is designed to give our 21-5 families considerable freedom to book the weeks that suit them best. The system is built around a set of rules that allow for long term planning as well as spontaneous vacation booking.

The booking system is online 24 hours a day and is very easy to use, even for those of us who are not IT experts.

Sweetspot between price and flexibility

21-5 - the (almost) perfect formula

21-5 has proven to be the perfect solution for the vast majority of families.

Statistics show that in our nationally established owner associations, there is the possibility of booking on very short notice in most weeks of the year.

The image of the calendar is from a real 21-5 owner association. The green dots show how many weeks were never booked in a typical year.

Our experience tells us that on average there are 60-80 weeks per year that can be booked at very short notice.

In the new international owner associations with families from several countries, the flexibility is expected to be even greater.

How it works

The booking system

Smart points system
Each family recieves a number of points per year that can be used for booking. Each week costs a certain number of points, depending on whether the week falls in or out of a country's high season - typically school holidays. Families with children normally book fewer weeks, especially during school vacations, while families without school-age children book more weeks spread across high, mid and low seasons. Families who don't work at all have the most flexibility, as they can stretch their points to well over 20 weeks a year if they wish.

All points are dedicated to a specific calendar year. There are special rules for the ski season to ensure that everyone can ski at least one week if they wish.

The points are released in two stages to ensure that the booking process is calm, fair and stress-free.

The booking system is constantly being developed and updated
Our 21-5 families first started using the booking system at the end of 2012. Since then, many bookings have been made, creating a unique knowledge base that is constantly evolving. We use our experience to continuously improve the system, with the most valuable source of improvement being our 21-5 families who use the booking system every day.

The most important aspect of the ongoing development of the booking system is to ensure that it is updated based on the wishes and needs of our 21-5 families, so that it is always possible to plan important vacations well in advance and also to book spontaneous vacations at short notice.

Book as many consecutive weeks as you like
You can book as many consecutive weeks as you like. The only limits are your points and the bookings by other families. Many families book 2 or 3 consecutive weeks or more. The current record holder has managed to book 8 consecutive weeks at their home in Mallorca.

There is much more flexibility in a 21-5 owner association than most people imagine.

How we use our holiday homes

Family vacations

If we formed our 21-5 owner associations with 21 families all with similar vacation preferences, it wouldn't work well. If all the families wanted the same weeks in the same homes, it would be a battle to secure those weeks.

That's why it's perfect that international owner associations have a wide range of school vacation periods.

A family with school-age children is often constrained when it comes to vacations. Families become more flexible when their children finish elementary school, and even more so when they're out of the school system - and then the grandchildren come along.

When we look at our existing owner associations, about half are families with schoolchildren, the rest of the families are more flexible. We'd like to say that we arranged it on purpose, but the reality is that it just happened. Coupled with the different school terms, everyone can get the weeks that are most important to them.