Alyce & Bo

"Our investment in 21-5 is the best one we've ever made, and one that brings us joy every day.

We used to be among those who never went back to the same place twice, but after acquiring our 5 amazing properties, we've realized how wonderful it is to return to them.

Each property is fantastic in its own way, and it provides a completely different sense of peace during our vacations when we know the area, and the property has everything we need, making it feel like coming home. We also don't need to explore everything in the area in a single vacation because we know we'll be coming back again.

What also makes our vacations so enjoyable and hassle-free is the support from 21-5. They are always quick to resolve any minor challenges that may arise, and they are consistently friendly and professional.

We look forward to our next vacation."

Alyce and Bo Hartvigsen, 21-5 family