Bidda & Jens

"We are so happy that we chose to join 21-5. The layout and location of the properties are top-notch, and they are all easily accessible. We appreciate the idea of sharing properties with others, as it makes sense both in terms of the investment and, most importantly, in terms of usage. After all, we all have a relatively limited need for vacations compared to, for example, owning our own vacation home that would sit empty for most of the year. We were concerned about whether the administration of our properties could meet our expectations, and we must say that they do - and more. 21-5 has built a solid administration department, which we have closely followed the development of, and they are 100% professional and very efficient. We recommend 21-5 to anyone who wants to hear about it."

Bidda Rolin and Jens Løjmand, 21-5 family