Elisabeth & Kurt


As I write this, we are sitting in our country house in Tuscany, looking out over the vineyard, enjoying a glass of our own red wine from last year, and rejoicing that we defied our concerns and said yes to this unique concept that is 21-5.

For the past three years, we have been able to delight ourselves, our children, and friends with numerous delightful ski trips, city breaks, and beach vacations in our 5 lovely vacation homes. Here, we feel at home, we feel that it's ours, and we can simply enjoy it from the day we arrive. And not having to worry about practical matters concerning the properties - whether we're there or not - is pure luxury. In the three years we have been with 21-5, everything has run seamlessly, thanks to Laila, Anders, and an outstandingly helpful and professional team at 21-5.

All our concerns have been proven wrong, and we haven't regretted a single second of saying yes. We can only recommend others to do the same."

Elisabeth Hesseldahl Konyher and Kurt Hesseldahl Christensen, 21-5 family