Gitte & Claus

"We love visiting our 5 properties...

We were in the process of buying a house in France when we learned about 21-5. Instead of just one house in France, we could have a house in France + 4 other fantastic vacation destinations - so that became our choice.

Now we have 5 properties located in the loveliest places in Europe with sun, beach, mountains, city life, and Italian village charm. We have all the options: beach, hiking, skiing, and the opportunity to invite family and friends.

It's a dream to arrive at a beautifully furnished vacation property that has everything you need - and even though we share the property with others, it always feels like coming home. We enjoy being able to return again and again, discovering more quaint places and excursions that make us feel a sense of belonging to the area."

Gitte Vesterskov and Claus Jensen, 21-5 family