Hanne & Niels

"We became part of 21-5 in early 2017 and have had access to the 5 wonderful vacation properties for several years now.

We were recommended 21-5 by another owner, who we consider to be very critical, so that provided us with confidence.

Previously, along with 5 other owner families, we had a vacation property in Biot, near Antibes, for 20 years, but we lacked the service organization that 21-5 has. Maintaining that one house was a lot of work.

The absolutely outstanding service and support we experience from the organization behind 21-5 is the very best part of our involvement with the 5 vacation properties.

We have a good background to evaluate and appreciate the 21-5 concept, especially the support, as for 22 years, we owned and operated the vacation rental company Dansommer with more than 5,000 private holiday homes in Northern Europe."

Hanne and Niels Nymark, 21-5 family