Pernille & Thomas

"From the moment we first heard about 21-5, we have been enthusiastic about the concept. It's a wonderful thought to be able to get to know five exciting places in Europe in depth. We have never regretted our decision to become a part of DK10. The destinations are perfect for us, offering a good mix of beautiful natural surroundings and vibrant city life, all with top-notch locations for each of the homes.

We frequently discuss which place might become our favorite, although we have not yet vacationed in all of the homes. So far, we have visited Chamonix, Mallorca, and Barcelona, and we felt at home in all three places from the moment we walked through the door. 21-5 manages to create the perfect atmosphere in the homes every time, and we wouldn't want the interior to be any different. An added bonus is that we never arrive to an empty apartment. There are always some goodies in the cabinets and drinks in the fridge.

Thanks for five wonderful gems!"

Pernille Højvig Hansen and Thomas Bastkjær Hansen, 21-5 family