Sandie & Bo

"We have chosen to invest in 21-5 because it brings so much joy and anticipation to us, our family, and friends.

It is a secure investment that pays off in so many ways. We have a large family and anticipate that 21-5's carefully selected properties will become meeting points for us for the rest of our lives. The process, from the formation of the association and the renovations to the first visits to each property, has been indescribable.

It's a feeling of being part of something bigger, while still retaining one's own freedom and privacy. We feel at home within minutes in our shared properties and actually enjoy that others have the same experience at different times. When significant investments need to be made, having an experienced team and 20 other families to do it with makes a difference.

It's a cooperative movement, sharing economy, economies of scale, and individual freedom all in one concept. Owning properties in Spain, France, and Italy creates a special sense of belonging. You gain insight into the country and the area in a way that you don't experience as a regular tourist. The feeling of returning to the same place makes a significant difference.

In these CO2-focused times, it's reassuring to think that our properties are used approximately 70 percent of the time and not just left unused.

We highly recommend the 21-5 concept; there's something for every taste, family size, and life stage."

Sandie Rosenkilde and Bo Theilgaard, 21-5 family