Join our webinar to learn more about the 21-5 concept, the people behind it, and the current available 21-5 owner associations.

The webinar usually lasts a couple of hours, depending on the level of questions. During the presentation, the available 21-5 owner associations will be introduced and there will be ample opportunity to ask questions. We will go through the 21-5 concept so that each participant will have a better understanding of how it all works.

We will also be joined by a 21-5 family who will share their experiences of being part of a 21-5 owner association.

There will be plenty of time for everyone to ask questions of us and the 21-5 family. Ideally, there should be no questions left when you log out.

You can register for the webinar using the forms below - or feel free to call us.

We look forward to meeting potential new 21-5 families.

See you online.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 6th:

Central European Time

7:00 PM (CET)

Monday, May 6th

London Time

6:00 PM (GMT)

Monday, May 6th

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