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5 unique holiday homes

Scandinavian designed, invented and tested

We invented the 21-5 concept in November 2008 and since then more than 1,300 families have joined a 21-5 Owners' Association, making 21-5 one of the world's leading concepts for families sharing private holiday homes.

In the past we only invited families from Scandinavia and Germany to join our associations. But after receiving so many requests from families outside these countries, we have opened up to the rest of the world.

We now invite families from pretty much all over the world to join our associations.

The 21-5 concept is simple. 21 families own and share 5 unique holiday homes.

We find 21 good families for each association.

We locate, negotiate and buy their 5 homes. We renovate and refurbish the homes. We furnish and decorate the homes and get them up and running. Once the 5 homes are up and running, we take care of everything related to running and maintaining the homes for the 21 families.

All the families in our associations have to do is relax and enjoy their holidays in beautiful surroundings, we take care of all the hassle and boring stuff.

21-5 is based in Denmark, north of Copenhagen, where we started our first association. Today we have founded more than 60 associations, all with holiday homes mainly in Southern Europe - Italy, France and Spain.

Welcome to 21-5.

Current offerings

Since 2008

More than 1,300 families have already joined 21-5

Imagine owning 5 unique holiday homes that you and your family can share with 20 other families and enjoy all year round. This is the essence of the 21-5 concept and today it is a dream come true for all families, who are part of a 21-5 owner association.

Each owner association consists of 21 families who together own 5 unique and handcrafted holiday homes in 5 attractive destinations. The value of each holiday home is approximately 4 times the amount invested by each family.

It makes sense to share - especially holiday homes, which most of us only use for a relatively small part of the year.

We have purchased more than


homes for our associations

We have around


homes in operation



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Get to know 21-5 and who we are


Join our webinar and get an introduction to our concept. Get a better understanding of how it all works. We will also go through the current available owner associations.

We welcome any questions you may have. The most important outcome of the webinar for us is that everyone leaves with a much better understanding of what 21-5 is and who we are.


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If you are considering joining one of our owner associations or just want to find out more, meet us for a cup of coffee and ask us anything you want to know. We re happy to tell you all you wish to know about 21-5 and how it works.

You are always welcome for a good 21-5 chat, even if you will not be joining 21-5 for a few years.

Visit us in our office north of Copenhagen or book an online meeting from wherever you are.

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We are very grateful for the high level of satisfaction among our 21-5 families.