Owner associations you can join

Current offerings

In this section, we present the 21-5 owner associations that you can join right now.

When we introduce a new 21-5 owner association, we prepare a brochure. In the brochure, you can read all about how the association will be structured and which homes you will become co-owner of and in what destinations. No homes have been purchased yet, but we may have a few in our sights.

Click on the images below to learn more about each of the currently available owner associations.

You can also learn more about the open owner associations through a webinar or a personal online coffee meeting.

As soon as enough families have come together and signed the owner association contract, the owner association is founded at an online founding meeting. This is where the first families meet and get to know each other.  Once you have met the others, you pay the purchase price and the search for the holiday homes begins. You should expect all 5 homes to be ready for use 12-24 months after the owner association is complete with 21 families.



Join our webinar and get an introduction to our concept. Get a better understanding of how it all works. We will also go through the current available owner associations.

We will be joined by a 21-5 family who will share their experience of being part of a 21-5 owner association.

We welcome any questions you may have. The most important outcome of the webinar for us is that everyone leaves with a much better understanding of what 21-5 is and who we are.