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On this page, you can read more about the above-mentioned Association which is now open for participation.

The Association is not yet inaugurated wherefore the properties have not been found and acquired. As soon as 21 great American families join the Association, the properties will be identified.

We are looking forward to finding the right homes for the families joining this group.

Martha's Vineyard, MA - West Palm Beach, FL - Vail Valley, CO - St. Croix, USVI - Stowe, VT

With an ownership share in 21-5 Grande, you become a co-owner (1/21) of 5 beautiful vacation homes at the locations listed above. The homes are solely owned by the 21 families in the owner association.

Cost pr. ownership share: $950,000

Monthly Association fee: $1,425

The vacation properties will be of the same high standard and quality as the more than one hundred fifty homes 21-5 has acquired on behalf of over 700 families.

The villas we will acquire will have 4-5 bedrooms with ample space to house at least 10 people on vacation.  We aim to provide a private pool at the properties, except in the Vail Valley home, where we ill install a Jacuzzi instead.


All 5 properties will be located in attractive spots on each destination, and 21-5 always does its best to ensure proximity to the key attractions of each destination so that it is easy and convenient for our owners to fully enjoy their vacations.

All properties are carefully selected. We highly prioritize location, interior and exterior design, and most properties are completely renovated before we are satisfied on behalf of our owners. The Association will end up with 5 hand picked and gently renovated homes, in the style and quality which is signature of 21-5.

Following full member inauguration of the Association, you can expect that it typically takes 12-24 months until all 5 vacation homes have been found, acquired, renovated, completed and handed over to be enjoyed by the owners.


The 21-5 value graphic



The illustration shows that if you spend $950,000, hopefully, you will find a property which matches the investment. If you choose to invest your equity in 21-5 US Grande ownership instead, you will not only achieve the user right and co-ownership of one property which matches your investment, but five vacation homes which each represent approximately four times the value of your investment. The 5 properties will on average be worth about $3,990,000 each, including acquisition costs, restoration, furniture, home decor and 21-5 fees.

The expenses related to owning and running a single property are also higher compared to the costs associated with running US Grande. That's even without accounting for the significant time it takes to administrate one single vacation property.  Just think of property taxes, insurance, repairs, maintenance, pool and garden upkeep, etc. that goes into running a comparable home. 

If you'd like to hear more about 21-5 and this available owner Association, please don't hesitate to submit the form below. Of course, you are more than welcome to email or call us directly.

We look forward to inaugurate US Grande, and we are especially excited to find and create 5 beautiful vacation homes for the owner association's families.

More than 600 Families Have Joined a 21-5 Owner Association

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