21 families - share - 5 unique holiday homes

Our concept

Our concept is very simple. We gather 21 families or individuals to form what we call a 21-5 owner association. We locate, purchase and renovate 5 holiday homes in 5 carefully selected destinations for the 21 families. When the homes are ready for use, we act as administrators for the owner association.

With 21-5, we take care of all the complexities. From finding the perfect properties, negotiating and purchasing them, renovating and furnishing them, refurbish them and making them ready for the families in the owner association. Once the holiday homes are up and running, 21-5 continues to be involved as the administrator of the owner association and the homes, making sure everything is taken care of and runs smoothly - from assisting with the association's annual general meeting to pool cleaning, property cleaning, gardening, and much more.

The homes are not purchased up front, but are sought out and purchased after the owner association is established and the first families have made their payments and had the opportunity to voice their preferences with regards to elements on each location. Often we have some exciting prospects in mind when we start up an owner association, but we do not buy the homes until the first families have made a commitment.

The owner association

21 families share

In a 21-5 owner association, you can become co-owner of as many as 5 holiday homes throughout Southern Europe. You share ownership with 20 other families, sharing all expenses and the use of the homes. 21-5 has no ownership in the homes or in the owner association, as all 21-5 owner associations are 100% independent owned by the 21 families.

Families join the owner association on the basis of a brochure and documents describing the homes of which they will become co-owners as well as the terms and conditions between the families and the cost of participation.


More value for your money

In all its simplicity, it makes sense for families to come together and jointly own multiple holiday homes together, rather than each family buying their own. For some families, it's the need to be free of all the hassle, and free of the responsibility for the up-keep and running of individual homes. For others, it's the economics - when you share, you simply get more value for your money.

As a family, with an investment budget of €775,000, you can purchase your own vacation home anywhere in the world, but you are limited in size and location, in order to stay within your investment budget.

Alternatively, you can invest the same amount in a 21-5 owner association. In which case, you'll become co-owner of no less than 5 holiday homes in carefully selected, attractive destinations, and it's worth noting that these are 5 homes with an average value of more than 4 times your investment. On average, each home will be worth more than €3,000,000. This is the one of the deciding factors, amongst many other obvious reasons why 21-5 makes sense for more and more families.

Most privately owned holiday homes, when not in use or rented out, are vacant for much of the year. Many holiday homes are only used for a few weeks each year, which we believe is a significant waste of resources and an utter shame for the home, local environment, local community, and businesses. By having several families co-owning several homes, the homes are occupied at a higher rate, benefitting the association.  Furthermore, an empty home is just not cost efficient. It also very much benefits the local community, including local businesses as it increases their activity.

Sharing and upcycling are growing concepts that are very much in the forefront of our minds when we are preparing to make a smart and sustainable decision.

Regardless of your perspective on the 21-5 concept, it's hard not to be captivated by the beautiful homes we find and create for our families.

We know that 21-5 is not for everyone, but the interest is growing steadingly, and an increasing number of families are seeing the benefits.



Join our webinar and get an introduction to our concept. Get a better understanding of how it all works. We will also go through the current available owner associations.

We welcome any questions you may have. The most important outcome of the webinar for us is that everyone leaves with a much better understanding of what 21-5 is and who we are.

Current offerings

Book the weeks you want


Bookings are made through the owner association's user-friendly member site. The system is designed so that there is no rush to secure the most attractive vacation weeks; booking is done calmly, and in the comfort of your own surroundings and in any location. The booking system is designed to ensure a fair distribution of the most attractive vacation weeks, ensuring that first-come, first-served is not an issue or deciding factor. 

On average, each family has access to 12 weeks total in the homes each year. This is usually more than enough. Families in our established owner associations typically book an average of 9 weeks per year, leaving plenty of room in the calendar for spontaneous vacations and short weekend breaks. Some 21-5 families enjoy lending out their homes to close family members. It is however not permitted to rent out the homes via a rental portal or for financial gain.