Understanding 21-5


21-5 is NOT timeshare

21-5 gives you co-ownership of not just 1, but 5 vacation homes

21-5 are individually tailor made vacation homes, and not resort properties

21-5 is fully transparent in all phases of ownership

21-5 is peace of mind, because we take of everything

What Is 21-5?

The 21-5 concept is ideal for families who are looking to buy a vacation home and who see the added value in getting multiple destinations and the advantage of avoiding the burden of short and long term maintenance that normally comes along with property ownership.

For over a decade, 21-5 has perfected the concept and today we serve more than 700 satisfied owners. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, the focus was initially European vacation destinations and New York City where we have acquired several condos. We now offer the 21-5 concept to North Americans which is why we have opened offices in Boston, MA and Vancouver, BC.

In the United States, we organize 21 owners in a limited liability company under the laws of the State of Delaware (DE LLC) and call it a 21-5 Association. A 1/21 share in an association is called a vacation property share. Each 21-5 association own five beautiful vacation homes in 5 different locations. Each owner will co-own the five properties with the other 20 families and equally share the costs. The 21 families will meet each other at the inauguration meeting and shortly after deposit their equal share to a fiduciary account belonging to the association. Once the association is established the properties can be identified and acquired. Under normal circumstances it usually takes 12-24 months from inauguration until all the 5 homes are in operation..

21-5 ensures a stress-free experience because we not only find, negotiate and acquire the vacation properties, we also completely renovate, furnish and manage the homes. You don’t have to worry about dealing with local authorities, maintenance, cleaning, landscaping, pool, owners association administration, etc. All you have to do is arrive and enjoy your vacation.

The associations are governed by thorough and tested bylaws to ensure that all legal and financial matters are covered. The entire set-up is organized to provide security for everybody, legally, on tax matters, and financially. In short, we build trust through full transparency.



Booking of the five vacation homes is managed via an easy-to-use online system designed to accommodate both long-term vacation planning but also support those who like to schedule a spontaneous get-away. The design of the 21-5 vacation booking system ensures that reservations of properties and planning of your vacations happens without stress or pressure. As an owner you are able to get the desired dates you want in one of the 5 properties.

Each owner has, on average, 12 weeks available to enjoy their five vacation homes, which is more time than most use. Therefore, many of our owners lend out weeks to family and close friends. However, the vacation properties cannot be rented out and thereby obtain any rental income.

Generally, our families use their vacation homes about 6-9 weeks every year. This leaves plenty of room in the booking calendar for both long-term vacation planning and spontaneity.

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