Why 21-5?

In its simplest form; it's common sense that families join forces to buy and own several vacation properties together compared to each family acquiring one vacation home on their own.

Most privately-owned vacation properties are not for rent and remain un-occupied most of the year. Many properties are therefore only used for a few weeks every year and we believe that this is a significant waste of resources.

By joining forces and owning multiple properties, the vacation homes are utilized more effectively most of the year. This is beneficial, not only to maintain and keep an eye on the properties, but also the increased and regular use have a positive impact on the local communities providing a better seasonal balance.

Being multiple families owning multiple vacation homes together ensures much better value for the investment. In recent years, the sharing economy has grown enormously on the global agenda. Sharing makes sense in several sectors, but particularly, as it relates to vacation property which for the most part is typically only used a fraction of the year.

In addition, 21-5 makes the ownership easy and effortless as we take care of all the complicated and time-consuming challenges. The only thing which demands your effort and focus is to plan, book, and travel to one or more of your wonderful homes. We think that is the way it should be.

Not only does the 21-5 concept make sense in relation to efficient usage but also financially. In a 21-5 owner association, you simply get much more value for your investment, as the illustration shows.

If you invest $995,000 alone, hopefully, you will find a property matching your investment.

If you choose to invest your equity in a 21-5 association, you will not only achieve the user rights and ownership of one property which matches your investment, but 5 vacation homes which each represent approximately 4 times the value of your investment, plus zero maintenance or administrative burden. That makes good sense to many families.

21-5 - We fulfill dreams and elevate your lifestyle.

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