We choose our destinations based on many criteria. From a starting point, we could acquire properties to our associations anywhere in the world. However, some destinations just make more sense than others.

There are so many gorgeous places in the world where you can own property. It is therefore a significant challenge to limit yourself to 5. But, we only have 5 destinations in each association. When we consider new destination countries, we carefully access each area prior to pursuing an opportunity. We stay away from countries where the economy is unstable or not transparent, and we also consider how convenient it is to get to and from a destination and the potential homes. Flight shouldn't be too long, nor should the car ride following the flight. We buy properties in cities and destinations which can be used year-round, and where you will never run out of things to do.

There are owners who desire homes in very exotic locations, but we chose the destinations where most families wants to own property.

We assemble destinations in our associations based on the input we get from our existing 21-5 owners, but even more so from our potential new 21-5 owners.

Below visit all the destinations which 21-5 is currently offering in the United States:



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