Become a co-owner of a holiday home in Mallorca

Owning a holiday home in Mallorca is a privilege afforded to few. Through 21-5, you can become a co-owner of 5 unique holiday homes across Europe, thus not confined to just one location.

With 21-5's unique holiday home concept, an exclusive world of opportunities opens up for travel-loving families dreaming of owning a holiday home abroad without being tied to just one destination. Purchase a holiday home in Mallorca as well as in four other holiday destinations collectively with 20 other families.

Worry-free ownership

You enjoy your vacation, while 21-5 takes care of all the hassle

21-5's concept is both simple and unique. You are 21 families who together own 5 holiday homes abroad, which you can freely use whenever you want. 21-5 finds, renovates, furnishes, and manages the 5 properties, ensuring you a high standard.

Become a co-owner of a holiday home in Mallorca and have the opportunity to enjoy the adventurous island whenever it suits you. Together with 20 other families, you can co-own 5 unique holiday homes, while our dedicated team from 21-5 takes care of all administrative and practical tasks. Book your holiday home without hassle and experience the ultimate vacation on one of the world's most beautiful islands, Mallorca.

Room for spontaneity

Don't limit your vacation dreams

If you've purchased your own holiday home in Mallorca, you're responsible for administration, maintenance, and dialogue with local authorities. Through 21-5, you have access to a total of five unique destinations. All you need to do is book your trip through our specially designed booking system when you're ready to enjoy your vacation. At 21-5, we take care of all the time-consuming and complex calculations that typically come with buying.

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What advantages can 21-5 offer by owning a holiday home in Mallorca?

Purchase a holiday home in Mallorca in an economically smart way

Modern and flexible way to vacation

Avoid all the hassle

Ensure an exclusive holiday home for all future vacations in Mallorca

Share expenses with 20 other families

Get to know us and our concept better

Would you like to learn more about 21-5?

We hold regular information meetings. At these meetings, we introduce the open 21-5 associations, and we go through our concept so everyone can gain a better understanding of how it all works.

There is ample opportunity to ask questions. The most important thing about the meeting is that everyone gets answers to all the questions they may have. No one should leave or log off with questions lingering somewhere in their minds.

Purchase a holiday home in Mallorca

When you buy a holiday home in Mallorca, it comes with a guarantee of sunshine for all your future vacations. The emerald green island, the largest of the Balearic Islands, is known for its breathtaking beaches, crystal-clear waters, and incredible coastlines. The island offers a mosaic of contrasts, where historic medieval towns blend with modern resorts. Gothic cathedrals, a lively waterfront promenade, and beautiful mountain ranges all await in this Spanish paradise.

21-5 owner associations with a holiday home in Mallorca


Holiday home in Mallorca

Mallorca has been chosen as a destination because the island offers the perfect setting for vacations under the southern sun with a 21-5 holiday home all year round. Mallorca is attractive with a holiday home even in winter, where you often experience temperatures of 15-20 degrees Celsius in the sun. Snow is very rare, and when it does snow, the ground is too warm for the snow to stay.

The island is stunning like few others. The coastline around the island is among the most beautiful in the world. Cliffs dropping directly into the azure Mediterranean are replaced by chalk-white sandy beaches, making beach trips a must when visiting your holiday home in Mallorca. You should not miss experiencing the island from the water, as this is when it truly shows its best side. Boats can be rented in many places, and you can also book various tours. The island is of a manageable size, so all attractions can be reached on day trips. Many people come to the island throughout the year to cycle, hike, or play golf, but there are plenty of other activities to enjoy when you have a property in Mallorca.

The capital, Palma, has a beautiful, old, and very cozy center that must be experienced. There are many shops and restaurants to suit every taste and budget, making Mallorca the perfect holiday destination.

We have looked for holiday homes all over Mallorca and have fallen for the southwestern part and a particular eastern stretch. These areas offer a wide range of excellent restaurants and are generally characterized by an authentic Mallorcan atmosphere. It is important that the areas are not far from the airport.

In 21-5, we buy holiday homes for our families mainly on the western coast from Port d’Andratx to Sóller. Port d’Andratx is the classic destination for well-heeled European tourists. There are not many hotels, so the town is not "spoiled". The area is primarily characterized by owner-occupied and holiday homes. The location is therefore perfect for a holiday home or apartment. The main attraction is the harbor and promenade with all the cafes and restaurants. It's cozy and open all year round. Every day at 5 pm, the fishing boats come in with the catch of the day - it's always cozy to watch. Except on Sundays, as locals say 'never eat fish on a Monday'!

Sant Elm is another attractive area where 21-5 buys holiday homes. Sant Elm is located on the westernmost point of the island and is a bit more Malibu-like with flip-flops. There is a fantastic beach and sunset to the west over the water, and the island of Sa Dragonera is legendary. It's a bit quieter in winter than Port d’Andratx, but there is a lovely atmosphere all year round. You can, therefore, happily visit your holiday home or apartment all year round.

On the eastern side of Mallorca, we are looking at areas such as Cala d'Or and Portopetro. The same qualities apply as on the western side of Mallorca. We focus on finding holiday homes located close to the Mediterranean, fantastic culinary experiences, and an authentic Mallorcan atmosphere.

With a 21-5 holiday home in Mallorca, you always get an authentic Mallorcan holiday experience.

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What can a holiday home in Mallorca offer?

Combine beach and shopping holidays with exquisite beaches and shops

A wealth of excellent dining experiences

A wide range of activities, from cycling to golf

Old and beautiful architecture with a charming center in Palma

Coffee Meeting

Let us fulfill your dreams

If you're considering joining one of our 21-5 associations, or just want to learn more about the concept, come to a coffee meeting with us and get answers to all your questions. We love to have a cup of coffee, tea, or water with all the families who want to hear more about 21-5.

You're always welcome to drop by for a good 21-5 chat, even if you might not join 21-5 for a few years.

We also host online coffee meetings, so let us know if you'd like to meet over the screen.