Meet some 21-5 families

Some 21-5 families travel primarily without children and are often alone. Other families travel with many children and often invite friends to join them. And then there are all the families in between.

The 21-5 homes are great gathering places for the whole family. We have learned that many of our 21-5 families have created new traditions for vacationing with family and friends by owning their 5 homes.

It's much easier to get the family together when you are a part of a 21-5 owner association - Everyone wants to visit and spend time in the beautiful homes. Many 21-5 families have reinvigorated family vacations by providing something for everyone.

All 21-5 holiday homes are family friendly, and you will find fold-out beds and high chairs for the little ones. The homes have the best internet in the destination, so everyone can keep up with friends and what's happening in the world.

It gives us great pleasure that we're helping to build an even stronger sense of togetherness in many of our 21-5 families. Many families report that they have reunited after joining a 21-5 owner association.

Meet a few of our more than 1,300 families: