Welcome to 21-5 USA. We can't wait to get started....

We are beyond exited to be able to serve American customers with the 21-5 model for extraordinary vacation home ownership. It is about time this proven and innovative concept is made available in the US. 

The 21-5 founders, Laila and Anders Koej, together with the 21-5 US lead, Tomas Bruun, are the US leadership team. 

Naturally, they cannot do it alone. 21-5 distinguishes itself by several layers of complex internal operations and steps which must be taken to deliver to our promise. On this page you can meet some of the people in the 21-5 family, who all contribute to fulfilling the dreams of our owners.

By use of the latest technology and travel when necessary, the leadership is in close daily contact. Anchored in a rigorous staff selection process and continuous dedicated training in all aspects of our business, we observe the world and serve our mission from the standpoint of a family. We are more than a team.


Tomas is leading the 21-5 North American East Coast team. Although growing up in Denmark and a proud Dane at heart, he has lived most of his professional life outside of his native country. As long as he can remember,  Tomas’ family has possessed a strong entrepreneurial spirit driven to explore a world of opportunities and crushing challenges. The travel and international exploration “bug” is deeply instilled in him and has naturally led to a vast international career, building relations and business between people all over the planet.

Long before 21-5 was in a position to grow beyond the borders of Denmark, Tomas was fascinated by the 21-5 service proposition, and just as importantly, by the 21-5 company and its wonderful, dedicated people. To him, the privilege to serve as a facilitator for 21-5 families, and to realize their dreams of ownership of vacation properties, domestically and internationally, is his dream coming true.

Over the years, Tomas has spent four cycles in North America living in Colorado, North Carolina, Montreal, Canada, New York City, and Boston. This continent has now become Tomas’ home, although he loves to go back to Denmark as often as possible. His formal education is earned in Denmark and an Executive MBA in the US.

Tomas lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with his family and their dog, Chance. He loves an active lifestyle playing squash, skiing, sailing and loves the outdoors life in general. 

Tomas Bruun, VP North America East

Email: tb@21-5.com


Laila is our CEO. With passion, energy and authenticity she leads the team. Her focus is to be available and offer support and solutions, however she never shies away from any difficult decisions which need to be made. She is involved with heart and soul.

The idea and concept behind 21-5 was conceived by Laila and her husband, Anders, in 2008. Together, they've been the driving force taking the business from a promising start-up to a fast growing, and highly respectable, solid enterprise.
Besides the daily management, Laila’s is dedicated to finding and purchasing the perfect vacation homes for our families and owners.

With three children at home, there is never a dull moment in Laila’s life. She takes the time to stay fit between meetings and travels with a healthy dose of yoga.

Laila Køj, CEO, co-Founder and co-Owner

email: lk@21-5.dk 



Anders is the co-founder of 21-5. During a lunch with his wife Laila in 2008, they came up with the idea behind 21-5. Anders and Laila are the dynamic duo who have built the concept and organization from a start-up business to the thriving enterprise it is today. All based on the values described elsewhere in this section.

Anders’ main focus is client contact, from the first coffee meeting, to the information meetings held for interested families, to the ongoing dialogue with our more than 550 owners. This keeps his travel schedule less busy than in the early days - and also enables him to be there when the three kids are home from school.

The weekends are dedicated to family time, sailing, mountain biking and running.

Anders Køj, co-Founder and co-Owner

email: ak@21-5.dk 


Peter is leading our 21-5 North American West Coast team. He grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, but left 18 years ago to explore the freedom in the Himalayas - and ended up married in Vancouver..
In Vancouver he saw a need in the real estate market for unbiased advice based on knowledge and integrity, which earned him a loyal following of clients buying or selling real estate.

Having followed 21-5 from the very beginning, Peter was attracted to the 21-5 idea, its values, and success on the European market. What especially drew Peter to 21-5 is the company's profound desire to make a significant difference for the 21-5 families by enriching their lives with moments and memories evolving around their own vacation homes. A rich life is all about the relationships we have with our family and friends.

So, it was an easy decision when Peter was asked if we wanted to help bring 21-5 to North America.

Peter lives in the Kitsilano neighbourhood with his family and, when time permits, can be found on the tennis courts and mountain bike trails enjoying the great outdoors that make Vancouver so special.

Peter Andersen, VP North America West

email: pea@21-5.com



Lars has been a part of the 21-5 team since early 2015. As a friend of Anders and Laila, he’s been excited about the groundbreaking way to enjoy life in privately owned vacation properties. 
Lars has an extensive international career under his belt, where travelling was a key part of the job, as it is today. He describes himself as a 21-5 jack-of-all-trades, with special focus on property purchase and marketing.

Lars is passionate about the aesthetics surrounding our business and is driven by the joy of finding and handing over the most beautiful vacation homes to our owners. 
He is always ready to share his enthusiasm about the 21-5 concept and the possibilities it offers. 
Lars is a dog lover and outdoor person, and if a mountain crosses his way, he’ll be on it with either running shoes, ski gear or a mountain bike. When he’s not on the move, he is a regular participant in our Friday company yoga.

Lars Heede, Property Purchase, Sales and Marketing

email: lh@21-5.dk


Marianne serves in various roles at 21-5 and navigates between the PA role to our CEO and coordination of activities between the various teams at the company's headquarters and foreign markets.

Marianne thrives with the many day-to-day challenges at 21-5, and manages to juggle the myriad of details to ensure everything falls into the right places.

She has extensive experience from the fashion industry, where in her various positions, the focus was always to keep track of the many loose ends and secure the best results through positive team work. Her appreciation for a global outlook derives from her upbringing and career in fashion.

Privately, Marianne lives north of Copenhagen. She is married to Casper, and mother to Albert and Amalie. In her sparetime she enjoys nature, cultural and creative experiences.

She is a steady participant at Friday yoga, and enjoys gymnastics and a rejuvenating run in nature.

Marianne Steenstrup, PA, CEO, Coordinator and International Projects

Email: mas@21-5.dk


Trine is head of our Property operations and Owner support teams. 

She ensures that the daily operations are on track, which includes getting all the paperwork in place for purchase and registration of our families homes. She also conducts meetings with the owner association councils, and has the support team ready to assist our families before, during and after stays at their vacation homes. 

Trine comes with a leadership experience from the financial sector and is passionate about the 21-5 values which are reflected in the way we communicate and help our 21-5 families. Trine's professional overview, great sense of humor and drive makes her a well liked colleague. 

She lives not far from our Copenhagen head office with her husband, two kids and two dogs. When isn't at 21-5, Trines spends her time with the family and friends, at home or travelling. 

Trine is a regular at our Friday yoga sessions and is considering to also join our running team. 

Trine Gammelgaard Stuhr, Head of Administration and Support

email: ts@21-5.dk


With a unique sense of detail, Louise is passionate about placing all the pieces of the puzzle in just the right place.  For 10 years she performed project and general management in the fashion and travel industries. 

Louise is driven by creating tangible results through an empathetic and engaging management style and finds that the best solutions come to fruition when working in an environment with positive and clear values.

She is married to Mikael and the mother to Elias, Noah, and Mailea.

Louise's experiences also include having lived and worked in Hawaii, New England, and spent a year on a cruise ship.

She has a profound creative side and passion for aesthetics, not least for flowers and gardening. The weekends are often spent with 8-10 visits to the nursery, renovations on her own home, friends, runs, and ocean swims. Louise cherishes nature and the outdoors, no-matter where on the planet.

Louise Weiergang Ipsen, Building and Jazz Team Manager

Email: lwi@21-5.dk


Wayne is originally from Ireland, and yes, his name is sometimes confused with his namesake, a certain famous soccer player - a game that is also a great passion of his.

Wayne is our project manger on all our home renovations and has many years of experience under his belt, including the Olympic Stadium at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Because of his on-site job description, Wayne is on the road most of the time, visiting all our on-going renovation projects.

It is easy to like Wayne with his kind and easy demeanor. Always ready to contribute to the team, and his presence and work is highly appreciated by everyone at 21-5.

Wayne Rooney, Property Project Manager

email: wr@21-5.dk

Kamilla (Mille)

Mille was our employee number two, so she started in our humble office space in Anders' parents garage. Back then she was in charge of administration. A great fit for a person as likeable and professional as her.

After many years in the legal business, Mille needed a change of scene. We needed a quality focused employee with impeccable English language skills. It turned out to be a match made in heaven.

Mille was in charge of our administration and support, but due to her intuitive talent for interior design she is now on our home decor and interior design team - responsible for bringing warmth and character to our families' vacation homes. The design team does their magic when the vacation properties are renovated and furnished, transforming them into welcoming homes with soul, not just furnished living spaces. A crucial function at 21-5.

Being on the road so much, Mille spends her leisure time with her two wonderful kids. She sometimes joins our running club, and when possible Mille is sure to be at the Friday yoga.

Kamilla Falkenberg Høeg, Manager Home decor and Interior design team

email: kh@21-5.dk


Anne is like a breath of fresh air, with her great sense of humor and tremendous energy, as she ensures we have all the items needed to transform the properties from living spaces into homes.

Anne spent ten years in the furniture business and therefore has significant experience in procurement and project management. More importantly, Anne has a fantastic eye for interior design which our owner associations benefit from. A rare talent that makes her a key part of our interior design team when transforming our families' vacation homes from properties into welcoming beautiful homes with warmth and character.

Outside of work, she spends her time with her two kids. When she isn't traveling, Anne is an avid participant at our Friday yoga.

Anne Bang, Home decor and interior design team

email: ab@21-5.dk


Carsten's area of expertise is the short and long term upkeep of the properties in our owner associations. He is a key player regarding the building management and maintenance plans in close cooperation with our Administration, Support, and Renovation teams.

Over the last 20 years, Carsten has worked with building construction and life cycle planning for both public and private industries. Besides having a deep knowledge of construction engineering, he is also specialized within risk and damage control, structural fire, and theft prevention. 

Carsten connects instantly with our families and takes great pride in ensuring our families thrive in their vacation homes.

He has three daughters and lives with his girlfriend just outside of Copenhagen. Carsten used to do triathlons, incl. iron man. However, these days diving and mountain biking has his interest. He is also part of our yoga and running club.

Carsten Jensen, Facility Manager

Email: cj@21-5.dk



Eva is our process- and business development expert and has worked for some of the biggest companies in the country. She's often seen carrying presentation sheets and diagrams, as she's optimizing our work processes.

Eva is pivotal in designing and implementing our Content Management System as the backbone of our service and business systems.

She is also involved in our hiring processes where her human resource skills are utilized.

Eva is a highly valued person and colleague by the entire 21-5 team.

Her commute is short as she lives close to our head office with her son. When she's not analyzing diagrams, Eva loves to spend time in her garden and with her boyfriend.

Our running and yoga club also enjoys her participation.

Eva Steensby, processes, HR and Business Development

email: es@21-5.dk


Holger is leading our finance team. His overall focus is the ongoing development of the team, so it always has the skills to take care of the financial planning for 21-5 itself and all the 21-5 owner associations.

Prior to joining 21-5, Holger was in charge of the finances for several international companies.

He passionately ensures that the decisions and executions made by our finance team is aligned with the values of 21-5. This means excellent work ethics and a positive attitude towards colleagues and the 21-5 owners. Values that are fueled by the positive feedback and joy we receive daily through our work.

With two grown-up children having left the household, Holger now has more time for fencing, tennis and traveling with his wife. Naturally he participates on both the 21-5 running team and at our Friday yoga sessions.

Holger Christtreu, Head of Finance

email: hc@21-5.dk


Karina was our first employee working side by side with Laila and Anders in Anders' parents garage. She has had the pleasure of interacting with almost every task and process in the 21-5 universe, and this has given her a tremendous knowledge and experience which her colleagues, and not at least our 21-5 owners, benefit from every single day.

Karina has a rare talent for details and an extraordinary gift for numbers. Those are some of the reasons why Karina is a very competent leader for our finance team in close cooperation with Holger. She is also our overall 21-5 quality manager. We are in good hands with Karina.

Karina is a compassionate colleague, always having the time to talk.

When she is not busy at the 21-5 head office, she spends as much time as possible with her two daughters.

Karina is the backbone of our running club - most often speeding ahead of the group. Friday yoga is also in her weekly schedule.

Karina Probst, Team Lead, Finance, Administration, and Quality Management

email: kp@21-5.dk


Anders, who goes by his last name in order not to confuse him with Anders Køj, joined 21-5 by the end of 2009. Shortly after establishing 21-5, Laila and Anders quickly realized that they needed to attract further competencies to the owner group.

Heisel has a solid financial foundation, including significant experience from the banking sector. He later started his own IT security company which he runs today with great success with his business partner.

His role within 21-5 is on the strategic level, where especially finance and IT has his focus. Our owner member site and our booking system was designed by Heisel and his team.

Heisel has many creative talents including playing the classical guitar and piano, and running keeps him in shape.

His calm demeanor probably comes from growing up in a small farming community far from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Anders Heisel, co-Owner, Finance, IT and Business Development

email: ah@21-5.dk

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