The homes are the essence of the 21-5 concept. The booking system, the support team, and everything else can be ever so good, but if we are not capable of identifying and create dream homes to our owners, then we have no relevance.

There is a distinct skill tied to identifying and creating a dream property, and it requires a certain experience and talent.

The 21-5 concept came to be by Laila and Anders Koej, who over many years have worked with properties internationally. Since we inaugurated the very first 21-5 association, we have acquired and renovated well over 100 individual properties for our associations.

Through our extensive experience gained over the years, we have built a solid foundation from which we are able to select the right properties and following, transform them in to 21-5 homes.

As described, we have over the years accumulated extensive knowledge around all the details going in to building a dream homes. We know exactly where they should be located (and where they shouldn't), we know what it should cost, and how to achieve the best deal. Simultaneously, we have earned deep knowledge of how to renovate effectively, as it is rare that we can identify a property which is 100% in order - so, very often we create it ourselves.

Below you will find links to the photo books we create for all of the inaugurated associations. Most of the 21-5 homes are in use 12-24 months after the association inauguration. Once all the properties are in operation we need to find the perfect day for the photographer so that we can build a beautiful photo book for the owners. Sometimes the photos are just not good enough, and then the photographer will have to come out again. Sometimes, therefore, it can a while to get the photo book completed which we can post on our site. We are continuously adding to the library of photo books as they are ready.

We invite you to enjoy the photo books below. Simply, click on a tile of the book you wish to see. Enjoy!



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